Justin Fields is facing a tall task with the Chicago Bears. During his rookie 2021 season, Fields and the team struggled with the franchise switching coaches and front office staff entering 2022.

One of the issues Fields is also tackling is the longstanding narrative that the Bears cannot develop a quarterback. Mitch Trubisky was the latest first-round QB that did not pan out for Chicago with the Bears.

Asked about that narrative, Fields admitted in a sitdown interview with ESPN that he is “excited” to try and change the narative:

“I can’t wait to be the first one to change that,” said Fields. “That’s my mindset. I’m excited for the challenge.”

Fields also said doubters and the absence of early success do not faze him after he experienced similar situations early in college:

“I think there’s doubt if you listen to other people’s opinions,” Fields explained. “I had the same situation my freshman year in college at Georgia, so it really doesn’t faze me when there’s not success from the start.

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