Quarterbacks are human, just like everyone else.

Justin Fields, former Ohio State quarterback, and current Chicago Bears QB1, was beating himself up over throwing his second interception against the Houston Texans.

But, he’s not alone in this battle.

Support and encouraging words from Bears’ backup quarterback Trevor Siemian and Bears’ offensive coordinator Luke Getsy, provided much-needed perspective for the young quarterback.

Siemian offered some insight for Fields to understand that this happens and how it’s part of the game.

“This is the NFL, man, it’s gonna feel like [expletive] for a quarter of a half a game,” Siemian said. .”..and then you’re right in the game (it could come down) to the fourth quarter – this is how it goes.”

With the perspective around him from a quarterback who has been in similar situations is a good person to have in Fields’ corner.

In a similar energy, Getsy provided Fields with support to get back out on the field and forget about the interception.

“You gotta move on, were all good,” Getsy said. “The last play is the last play, it’s time to move on to the next.”

This has to have been a huge morale boost to the second-year starter who seemed low on confidence.