Justin Fields quickly became the voice of the B1G players. Less than a week after the conference opted to back out of a fall football season, the Ohio State quarterback created a petition urging the league and its presidents to reinstate the schedule.

Sunday, Fields created a petition, calling on B1G commissioner Kevin Warren and the B1G presidents to reverse their decision on the fall football season. It didn’t take long for that petition to gain steam, collecting over 200,000 signatures in under 24 hours.

On Monday, not even a full day after he tossed the petition out to social media to gain support, Fields joined ESPN to explain why he started the petition, and what message he’d send Warren and the conference presidents.

“I think if the SEC, ACC and Big 12 all think that we can have a season safely, the I don’t see any reason why the B1G couldn’t do the same,” Fields said on ESPN Radio. “I think what we’re doing at Ohio State is very safe, and I think if we can get everyone on the same track in the conference, that there’s a safe way to actually conduct a season.”

The B1G was the first Power 5 conference to pull the plug on football in the fall. The Pac-12 followed closely behind, also announcing last Tuesday. Those two conferences were preceded by Group of 5 leagues, the MAC and Mountain West.

When the B1G announced its decision, it provided very little explanation or reasoning. It was the lack of communication and leadership that prompted such extreme responses from both players and parents over the last six days.

“My message to [commissioner Kevin Warren and the B1G Conference presidents] would really be to get them to realize how bad our players wanna play,” Fields said.

Fields said that he’s primarily concerned about sending seniors, fifth-year players and those returning injury out the right way.