Ohio State was going to beat Rutgers Saturday. That was a given. The question was by how much?

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The Buckeyes led the Scarlet Knights going into halftime 35-7. As has been the case for a number of games this season, many Ohio State starters don’t even play in the second half.

To start the third quarter against Rutgers, Ohio State QB Justin Fields is still in. Not every starter is, but he is.

In the first half, Fields completed 12-of-16 passes for 241 yards. Believe it or not, Fields — a sophomore transfer from Georgia — has never hit 241 passing yards in a game before this contest against Rutgers:

That marked a career-high for Fields. Crazy, right? Especially considering how dominant he and the Buckeyes have been this season. One would think he would have a game of 400 or so passing yards somewhere, right? But, not even 250 has been hit.

Again, Fields started the second half and after a 14-yard TD pass to Luke Farrell, Fields now has 305 passing yards:

How long will Fields stay in for? It’s 42-7 now. Rutgers likely isn’t coming back from this.