All the talk this season has been about who is the better NFL draft prospect: Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence or Ohio State’s Justin Fields?

Most analysts across the board still believe Lawrence is the best fit for the No. 1 overall draft pick in 2021 if he decides to declare. Lawrence does have the prototypical build and arm for the position with the ability to scramble a little bit if the pocket collapses.

However, Fields has definitely closed the gap considerably between Lawrence and himself during his two seasons in Columbus. Though most people have highlighted Fields’ stout frame and ability as a dual-threat quarterback, it has been his progress throwing the ball that has started to impress scouts.

In 19 career games for the Buckeyes, Fields is completing 70.3% of passes, including 78.1% of his throws in five games during the 2020 season. And according to Pro Football Focus, Fields is leading all collegiate QBs in throwing the deep ball this season.

Fields is currently completing 77% of his deep throws (defined as throws 20+ yards downfield), the best mark in the nation. Yes, that even includes Lawrence:

Obviously, leading the pack in one stat does not make any player the better prospect, but there is no denying Fields is making his case to be the top prospect for 2021. Even if Lawrence does go No. 1 overall, Fields should be well-positioned to be a successful quarterback for years to come in the NFL.