Kirk Herbstreit joined ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ on Tuesday. One of the topics he discussed was how Ohio State played in Week 1.

Herbstreit played quarterback at Ohio State from 1989-1992. Herbstreit talked about the difference between the standard and psychotic standard among Ohio State fans.

“Well, there’s the standard and there’s the psychotic standard,” said Herbstreit. “I would say that the 15 percent who represent Ohio State on social media would be psychotic. They’re out of their minds and what they do is make high school players not want to play for that program.”

Herbie then weighed in Kyle McCord. McCord was named the starter for the game and had 239 yards passing with 1 interception in the 23-3 win.

“Kyle McCord’s still learning how to play the position. Kyle McCord’s not gonna be where C.J. Stroud was at the end of his career. McCord needs time. They opened up on the road against a B1G team. Ryan Day knows what he’s doing. It’s the very small percent of people that’s very vocal. They wanna fire Ryan Day, get after Kyle McCord, fire everybody and get rid of everybody.”

The former Ohio State QB assured the fans that things are not as bad as they seem. The Buckeyes face Youngstown State and Western Kentucky next, which should help McCord become more settled.

“These guys are very talented players. They just need time to get together, let the offensive line get some reps to build continuity,” said Herbstreit. “This kid Kyle McCord can rip it. He’s got receivers that can make plays. I’m pretty happy with the start. You’ve got Youngstown State and Western Kentucky next, so it’ll all come back down to earth.”