Ohio State is in position to potentially become the first non-conference champ to make the College Football Playoff in its brief three-year history.

The one-loss Buckeyes have three wins vs. top-10 teams and their lone blemish came because of a special teams play on the road vs. No. 7 Penn State.

So is Ohio State in regardless of what happens on championship weekend? Many believe that to be the case.

Fox Sports college football analyst Joel Klatt doesn’t believe the Buckeyes are deserving of making the field. Instead, he believes the winner of the B1G Championship should decide the final spot:

In other words, Klatt feels that a conference title is the strongest possible thing to have on a résumé. The fact that OSU would have more top-10 wins than anybody in his most-deserving final four wouldn’t be a determining factor.

It’s worth noting that Klatt is calling Saturday night’s B1G Championship on Fox, along with Gus Johnson. Not that Klatt is necessarily hoping for his game to essentially decide a playoff spot, but it will certainly be a talking point throughout the broadcast.

Klatt has been a believer in Washington throughout the entire season, despite the Huskies’ lackluster non-conference slate. All eyes will be on Washington against Colorado in the Pac-12 title game on Friday night. If Colorado wins that game, it could certainly open the door for a second B1G team to make the field.

Which B1G team(s) get in on Sunday? That’s the question nobody can seem to agree on.