In all likelihood, Gareon Conley’s draft stock will take a significant hit after he was accused of rape for an alleged incident on April 9.

Even though the former Ohio State cornerback proclaimed his innocence and a video was already released that contradicts the accuser’s claim, it’s still an ongoing rape investigation.

The question now is how far will Conley fall. Will he be taken off teams’ boards entirely? Or will some last-minute due-diligence from NFL teams prevent him from a free-fall?

Based on what NFL insiders are saying, there’s been no shortage of digging from front offices. That digging included talking to Conley personally.

According to Adam Schefter, 75 percent of the NFL teams reached out to Conley to find out more information:

That’s not a surprise, nor is the fact that according to Ian Rapoport, teams have more than Conley’s word.

That doesn’t mean, however, that Conley will be drafted in the first round like previously expected. Even if Conley can defend his innocence, whatever team that drafts him will still have to bear the burden of the pending investigation.

So where will that drop Conley? Rapoport said that the third round was the feeling from the general managers he talked to.

However this shakes out, Conley was a first-round talent up until the investigation went public. If a team rolls the dice on him and he is proven innocent, it could yield a big return.

As always, stay tuned.