Ohio State’s players have believed since the end of last season that the team is good enough to win a national championship in 2020. And the Buckeyes are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal.

Even if it means adopting a new diet.

Friday afternoon, Ohio State offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson met with reporters via a Zoom call to talk about players, position groups, practices and the upcoming season. During the conversation, Wilson touched on an interesting point, saying that quarterback Justin Fields and a handful of other Buckeyes have switched to a vegan diet.

The goal of the new diet? To get leaner, stronger and faster as the season approaches. Buckeye Scoop reported on Wilson’s comments on Friday.

That’s not an easy commitment to make, especially for football student-athletes. But the Buckeyes have been committed to winning a fourth-straight B1G title, making a return appearance to the College Football Playoff and avenging last year’s loss to Clemson, the lone blemish on the 2019 season.

Training and preparation is going to be a big part of Ohio State’s success in 2020. But several players think this new diet will have them in peak physical condition when the season arrives on Oct. 24.

Just the thought of Ohio State being leaner, meaner, faster and stronger has to be frightening to a lot of B1G teams.