LeBron James can go to any place in the world and do whatever he wants. That’s what being the 11th-richest celebrity on the planet can do.

But James, noted basketball player and Ohio State fan, doesn’t always have time to see the things he’d like to. Believe it or not, James has a sports venue bucket list.

On that list are some of the typical things you’d expect. He just got to see his first World Series game on Wednesday night and crossed that off his sports bucket list. His playoff success — 12 straight years in the postseason — prevented him from seeing the Kentucky Derby.

“…And the F1 racing in Monaco. … (and a) couple football stadiums, college football stadiums I’d like to go to,” James told Cleveland.com.

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Among those college football stadiums? The Big House. Yes, James is set on making a trip to Ann Arbor, in all likelihood to see his Buckeyes take on the Wolverines.

He told Cleveland.com that he’d also like to see Notre Dame Stadium, Happy Valley (Penn State), Gainesville (University of Florida), College Station (Texas A&M) and the University of Tennessee.

The problem for James is that the game is played on the last Saturday of November, and usually, he has a Friday night or Saturday night game. Sneaking up to Ann Arbor isn’t exactly part of the team’s travel plans.

Perhaps James can talk the powers that be into scheduling a late November game in Detroit in 2017. Either that or James will have to wait until his playing days are over to cross the Big House off his bucket list.