Taylor Lewan isn’t afraid to criticize officiating.

A month ago, the former Michigan offensive tackle made contact with an official, which resulted in his ejection. The former first-round pick shared some more frustration of the men in stripes on Tuesday.

Lewan, like many bleeding blue, didn’t feel that the Wolverines got a fair shake at the end of the double overtime loss to Ohio State.

“First off, one of the refs was in like, the Ohio State hall of fame or some nonsense like that,” Lewan said on the Rich Eisen Show. “The (defensive pass interference) that wasn’t called was just out of control. Then the fourth-down stop that was obviously a stop, it really grinds my gears.”

Eisen and Lewan said they saw video of one of the refs slapping Ohio State running back Mike Weber on the behind.

“That was a very aggressive slap on the behind right there,” Lewan said. “…I’ve only seen that happen once. I’ve  seen that official eject people — specifically me — but I’ve never seen an official slap someone on the behind.”

Lewan was most bothered about Bobby Sagers, the Ohio High School Athletic Association Hall of Fame ref who worked the game. Fellow Michigan first-round offensive lineman and current Tennessee Titans staff member Steve Hutchinson told Lewan about that.

It apparently didn’t sit well.

“This guy was running around throwing yellow flags like its his job — which it is — but in the favor of Ohio State,” Lewan said. “I just don’t agree.”