‘Tis the season to be…embarrassing your rival.

Really, that time of year never ends, especially when it comes to Ohio State and Michigan. Even during the most joyful season, the two sides rarely take time to find any common ground. That’s what makes college football so great.

One Ohio State fan is taking the rivalry to extra lengths, though, and incorporated it into his holiday decorations. Buckeye fans are going to love it. Michigan fans are going to, well, cringe.

That’s because this Buckeye fan used his red and blue holiday lights to create a replica scoreboard from the Nov. 24 meeting between the two teams. Ohio State won by a convincing 62-39 score. And now, that final score will glow throughout the holiday season, serving as a constant reminder for (at least) the next month.

That’s one dedicated Buckeye.

This is just one of the reasons why we all love college football. Well, Michigan fans might not love this aspect of it so much, at least right now.