Ohio State football is phenomenal.

The talent in the program is elite every single year and if the team fails to win 10 games, it’s an absolute failure. Heck, if the team doesn’t win the national championship, some view the season as a failure.

The expectations are that high.

Ohio State also has plenty of history behind it. The Buckeyes are one of the winningest programs in college football and have a number of facts and stats that point to their greatness over time.

With all that said, Ohio State is not the first university to be created in the state of Ohio.

Ohio University is. On Wednesday, the first school in the state took a bit of a job at its in-state brother:

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Ohio State loves saying “THE” Ohio State University when it comes to a number of things. Ohio decided to give them a little crap here and Buckeye fans will always have football to fall back on in an argument against Ohio University.