Lou Holtz has been out of coaching for nearly 2 decades, yet his name was attached to one of the biggest games in Week 4. That came about after he criticized Ohio State’s toughness under Ryan Day, comments the Buckeye head coach targeted in an emotional rant after a dramatic win.

In an appearance on “Don’t At Me with Dan Dakich,” Holtz responded to Saturday’s scene in South Bend and doubled down on his comments about Day and the Buckeyes. Holtz admitted he doesn’t feel bad about what he said and indicated he still believes the Irish were the better football team in the game.

Holtz did say he has apologized to Marcus Freeman for putting him in a tough situation:


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“I called Coach Freeman yesterday and apologized because I put him in a bad position, maybe. I don’t feel bad about saying it because I believe it, and Notre Dame was the better football team,” Holtz explained. “3 times Ohio State had 4th-and-1, ran the ball, couldn’t make it. Other than the long run, they averaged less than 2 yards a carry.

“If I was coaching I would have said it and I would have went to our team and said I think you’re better, I think you’re more physical, I think you’re more talented. Coach Day doesn’t believe so, go prove him wrong and prove me right. But when I say something and I can’t control the outcome of the game, that’s unfair to Coach Freeman.”

As for Day’s fiery response, Holtz noted the head coach is free to do that and took the opportunity to once again troll Day’s record against Michigan.

“That’s his choice, I can understand why he did. He doesn’t want to talk about Michigan, 0-2. He doesn’t want to talk about the big game coming up against Penn State and Michigan again,” explained Holtz. “He’s a great coach, he’s done a tremendous job, he’s a great offensive mind… Ohio State’s a good football team, I don’t think they’re a great football team. He can come after me all he wants… Sometimes you say things as a football coach out of emotion.”

Holtz went on to say he hopes Day has a wonderful year, but he doesn’t expect the Buckeyes to be a great team when it’s all said and done:

“I honestly felt Notre Dame was a better football team and more physical, and I’m sorry Ryan Day got offended by it. I hope he goes on, has a wonderful year. I don’t think they’ll be a great football team, I really don’t,” Holtz reiterated. “I felt Notre Dame won the football game. All we had to do was fall on the ball.”