Marvin Harrison Jr. is the son of legendary NFL receiver and Hall of Fame player Marvin Harrison. Coming from that kind of background, the pressure and attention can be a unique challenge.

Either way, the younger Harrison is focused on showing he’s “my own player” at Ohio State. During Tuesday’s press conference, Harrison acknowledged the great player of his dad but wants fans to know he’s just trying to be himself and make his own path with the Buckeyes.

“My dad did great things, but now I’m trying to be myself and go out there and make a name for myself and be the best receiver I can be,” said Harrison Jr.

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Harrison has certainly done a good job of showing of making a name for himself this season. With 72 catches for 1,157 yards and 12 touchdowns, Harrison turned into a unanimous All-American this season.

Now, Harrison will try to pull of a game for the ages to help lead Ohio State past Georgia on Saturday.