During the second quarter of Ohio State’s game with Indiana last week, Master Teague III was just a few yards past the line of scrimmage when he faced an almost certain hit from a Hoosiers linebacker. Instead, Teague blew past the defender and broke for a 41-yard touchdown.

The run helped the Buckeyes regain a lead during their 42-35 win over Indiana, and it also helped to inspire some optimism about Teague’s running game. He finished the game with 169 yards rushing and two touchdowns.

The Buckeyes running game has been productive on the ground, gaining over 200 yards in each game. But the OSU faithful are looking for the type of explosiveness that was in the backfield with Teague’s predecessor J.K. Dobbins.

Dobbins was the first OSU rusher to gain 2,000 yard in a season before turning pro last fall.

Fox College Football analyst Reggie Bush sat down with Teague to discuss his performance against Indiana.

“I thought this game was your coming out party, man. I thought this was the game where we got a chance to learn about Master Teague,” said Bush.

Teague felt good about the win over the Hoosiers, “good win, big win, we did highly respect them throughout the week to make sure we were prepared for them. They weren’t going to give up and they didn’t.”

Asked about the Ohio State rushing game, “it’s always big in every game. It was very exciting to have that experience and now we got that taste in our mouth. We don’t want to let that go.”