ESPN college football analyst Mark May is not known for saying very smart things. Sunday morning was no exception.

The troller of all trollers trolled the defending national champion Ohio State Buckeyes by predicting a Virginia Tech upset on Monday night.

As usual, there are a few illogical things about what May said.

The belief that because Virginia Tech returns 16 starters so they have the Buckeyes “right where they want them,” is foolish. Ohio State returns 15 starters…from a team that won a national championship. And that doesn’t include Braxton Miller.

May references the Beamerball that worked on the Buckeyes last year in September. Right, because the offense will all of the sudden revert back to the beginning of 2014, and look nothing like it did in its unprecedented postseason run. And right, Urban Meyer won’t have 60 minutes of Beamerball film to break down and adjust to.

Nobody makes adjustments like Meyer. It’s why he’s one of the few coaches in college football history to have won multiple national titles after suffering a loss.

May ends it with the guarantee that Ohio State fans won’t be a fan of what he has to say, but “you’re going to lose two years in a row to the Hokies.”

Keep trolling, May Day.