Every football team has to be ready for it.

When a team lines up for a long field goal late in a half or late in the fourth quarter, there needs to be some sort of a plan to return it if it falls short. It might only happen once in a season, but it can make the season.

We all remember what it did for Auburn against Alabama in 2013.

Designed play or not, it served as a lesson to football teams everywhere, including Urban Meyer’s.

The Ohio State coach was asked on his weekly radio show appearance Thursday about whether or not he had a play for such a situation. Indeed the Buckeyes do. What’s the name?


Meyer hasn’t had to use his SEC-inspired play call yet this year, but Buckeye fans will be glad to know that it’s at least in the arsenal. The question only question is perhaps who would the returner be in an all-or-nothing situation like that?

I’d take my chances with Braxton Miller. Who would your first choice be?