By now, everyone has seen the Scoop-and-Score. Arguably the greatest finish in the history of college football saw Michigan botch a snap on punt and fork it over to Michigan State for the game-winning score.

Some will debate it was a low snap, and others will say the snap was fine, but Blake O’Neill should’ve just fallen on it after he mishandled it. Either way, it wasn’t handled properly by Michigan. That much is true.

Naturally, Urban Meyer was asked on the call-in portion of his weekly radio show if his team had practice a similar situation.

The Ohio State coach did not like that.

The logic behind Meyer’s logic makes sense. After all, he has one of the nation’s best punters in Cameron Johnston. By practicing such an unlikely play, not only is Meyer wasting NCAA-regulated practice time, but he’s also saying he believes Johnston and Ohio State’s long snapper Bryce Haynes will have a breakdown.

So he just avoided that all together.

Meyer was honest about a couple other things on his Thursday radio show. He confirmed the expectation that many had of his and other coaches’ Twitter accounts, that he wasn’t the only one operating it.

Go figure.

He also claimed that Rutgers should’ve beat Michigan State two weeks ago when the Scarlet Knights had a chance to take a late lead. That was Meyer’s way of saying the Buckeyes aren’t overlooking the Scarlet Knights on Saturday night in New Jersey.