Urban Meyer doesn’t care who you are. You don’t wear blue on his watch.

The Ohio State coach has never been afraid to enforce that rule. Whether it was a player in a team meeting, a student in a class or even legendary coach Lou Holtz, Meyer has stayed true to his desire to disassociate with all things that could resemble the colors of rival Michigan.

Except this one time. But don’t worry, Buckeye fans. It’s for America.

Meyer is relaxing his ban on blue temporarily because of “Patriot Week.” With Memorial Day coming up, Ohio State players will go through four days of seminars on the history of voting and its importance in this year’s election. Before they leave for the Memorial Day Weekend next Friday, they’ll have to pass a test.

So where does blue factor into the equation?

“The players are going to be wearing red, white and blue, and we’ll have some fun with it,” Meyer told the Columbus Dispatch.

Meyer will make a one-day exception for the color blue. One would assume that all blue worn in the Woody Hayes Athletic Center next week has to have some sort of American element to it.

For the sake of their own public shame, hopefully nobody is clueless enough to test that theory.