When Kentucky signee Landon Young called out Urban Meyer, it was natural to expect the Ohio State coach to turn the other cheek. Meyer usually doesn’t comment on one, non-Ohio State player’s opinion.

But surprisingly, Meyer addressed the issue head on. In fact, he even admitted that the Buckeyes overlooked Young.

In a story with SECCountry.com, Young recalled how Meyer “treated him like crap” during the recruitment process. He said that he got no interest from the Buckeyes after he went to their camp. It wasn’t until Auburn and Alabama offered him that Ohio State followed suit.

When Young visited Columbus and asked him about why it took so long to get an offer, he claimed that Meyer called him an “insubstantial player” with an offer from an “insubstantial school.”

Young eventually signed with Kentucky in February. The fact that he signed was why Meyer was able to address his situation.

“About treating (Young) bad, we don’t do that on purpose. If that’s his feelings. I went back and talked to our staff about it, because I don’t want that to be out there,” Meyer said to cleveland.com. “But when you have one out of 650 that say someone is treated bad, you know? We didn’t offer him earlier, but we did want to offer him. Afterward, he really grew on me. He’s a great player and I think we missed on him early on, and I was very upset with our coaching staff, the recruiter and that area and the position coach.

“That’s the way we do our business here. We do address that. I don’t want that out there.”

It’s interesting to hear Meyer call out his coaching staff and not try to play the “it’s-my-word-against-his” card. In his defense, not every kid gets an offer immediately after he attends a camp.

Coaches miss on players all the time, especially one that recruits like Ohio State does. Young apparently made enough of an impression on Meyer if he was willing to admit fault in his recruitment.

That’s more than most recruits will ever get from a Power Five coach.