No. 3 Ohio State has yet to name its starting quarterback as the battle continues to unfold between junior Kyle McCord and sophomore Devin Brown.

NBC Sports’ Joshua Perry weighed in on the debate under center for the Buckeyes on the “Always College Football” podcast with Greg McElroy.

Perry believes although the pubic perception is that McCord will get the nod, Brown is battling strong for the role.

“A lot of people thought it was just going to be Kyle McCord’s job and Devin Brown maybe could push but wouldn’t really be in the mix there,” Perry said. “This thing actually is very, very close. And from the people that I’ve spoken to, they’re confident in either quarterback’s ability to go out there and be successful.”

Perry mentions a factor in the process that benefits Brown.

“I think they’re just looking for that consistency,” Perry said. “It feels like as this drags out a little bit more, it does start to favor a younger guy in Devin Brown who’s got some really good movement skill and athletic ability.”

Perry is intrigued by McCord’s inability to take a stranglehold on the job despite his edge in experience.

“What’s interesting to me though is the fact that Kyle McCord did come in as the experienced guy,” Perry said. “He’s been on campus, I believe for 3 seasons now and hasn’t really been able to pull away in that job.”

Perry says ultimately the call by Ohio State coach Ryan Day will come down to more than cliches about making less mistakes.

“When you start to project guys who maybe aren’t finished products going into the season is, what do you think the top end’s really going to be?,” Perry said. “And which guy is going to be less of a danger if you kind of put him in those critical situations without all the experience?”