Is it any surprise Twitter’s mad at Matt Nagy again?

The Chicago Bears coach was criticized through training camp about starting Andy Dalton over Justin Fields. Dalton was deemed QB1, so Fields was put with the second team in practice.

Well, when Fields made his NFL debut last week, he looked shaky — as a rookie probably should. But because he wasn’t practicing with the first team guys, the coaching staff couldn’t fix some of the issues before game situations.

Nagy acknowledged the staff saw things in practice that could’ve been corrected if he was practicing with the No. 1s all along. Whose decision was that, again?

As expected, Twitter had a field day (pun intended.)

Fields is the Bears’ starter for their Week 3 game against Cleveland this week after Dalton went down with a bone bruise on his left knee last week. Bears fans sure are excited to see their — hopefully — quarterback of the future start his first game on Sunday.

We’ll see just how much these newfound reps pay off.