At least one bettor will not be happy at the end of this year’s National Championship Game.

As with most big games, the betting world was on fire for Monday’s game between Ohio State and Alabama. Whether it is professionals placing big money or casual fans putting a bet on their team, it is always intriguing to watch the trends and movement of the betting lines.

Ahead of kickoff on Monday, news surfaced of one bettor placing a massive amount on the outcome of the game. According to Yahoo! Sports, someone placed $500,000 on Ohio State to pull off the upset against Alabama.

Had that bet worked out, it would have netted a return of $1.3 million:

Unfortunately, Alabama has the game firmly in hand, leading 52-24 in the waning moments of the game in Miami. That’s definitely a tough pill to swallow with $500K on the line.

It looks like it’s true what they say: there’s always next year.