Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald tipped his proverbial cap to Ohio State after the Buckeyes’ 22-10 win the Big 12 Championship Game on Saturday.

After the game, Fitzgerald addressed Ohio State’s worthiness as a top four team.

“I think they’ve got as much talent as everybody to go compete for a national champion, and they’re Big Ten champs,” Fitzgerald said. “If you’re an undefeated champion here, in my humble opinion, you deserve to compete for a national title.”

There’s already quite a bit of lobbying going on, but much will depend on what happens in the ACC and SEC Championship Games.

Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher is already arguing for the No. 5 Aggies, taking a shot at Ohio State’s schedule in the process.

If Notre Dame and Alabama both win on Saturday, the Buckeyes should be in good shape. They’re already No. 4 in the rankings, and aren’t likely to get jumped by a non-division winner in Texas A&M.

Ohio State and the rest of the contenders will find out their Playoff fate on Sunday.