It’s hard enough for Ohio State knowing that Cincinnati, a member of the ACC, is still working towards playing football this fall while the Buckeyes are sidelined. But things might’ve gotten even more difficult for college football fans on Tuesday.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine made a ruling on fall sports for high schools in 2020 on Tuesday, and yes, he’s given the green light for those athletic programs to move forward with a season. The news was reported by Dan Hope of Eleven Warriors.

So, right now, high school football teams are moving forward with a fall season. The Cincinnati Bearcats are moving forward with a fall season. Ohio State is just hoping to be able to have a season in the spring.

It’s a perfection illustration of how crazy things have been in the sports world recently.

DeWine did add the caveat that schools can make their own decisions on fall sports. He says they will be allowed to move fall sports to the spring, if that’s what they choose to do.

In addition, DeWine said that “very close” family members can attend those fall sporting events throughout the state. However, he does not encourage anyone else to attend.