Need another layer of intrigue to the B1G’s football and fall sports situation? Ohio’s governor still has a level of optimism about the B1G playing football at some point in 2020.

During a press briefing on Tuesday, Gov. Mike DeWine said that, after speaking with Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith, he’s optimistic that the B1G will be able to start its football season in 2020. However, the governor did not provide many details — or dates — when addressing the subject.

“I think there certainly is a decent chance of there being a season in football for the B1G, for Ohio State, which is what we’re really concerned about,” DeWine said, according to 247Sports. “I talked to Gene Smith this morning about that issue. I’m not going to disclose our conversation other than I inquired about it. He told me it was still in play, still very much a possibility.”

What that means, however, could be a number of things.

There have been rumors that an October start date is still on the table for the B1G, though it appears to be increasingly unlikely. Another idea kicked around in the conference has been to start the season around Thanksgiving, which would still fall under 2020.

So far, the B1G has remained quiet on its plan for a football season.