Even when going into open heart surgery, Ohio State/Michigan remains a concern.

At least it was for 10-year-old Buckeye fan Ivan Applin, who had a different kind of fear before his successful procedure.

“He asked if the Michigan doctors were going to make his heart love University of Michigan instead of Ohio State,” his mother, Jennifer, told UofMHealthBlogs.com.

The Toledo native was in maize and blue territory. He went to the University of Michigan Children’s Hospital, which is known for its work repairing heart defects.

Ivan was born with an atrial septal defect, which is a condition that creates a hole in the heart that doesn’t allow for proper blood flow to the organs. He actually had several holes that created too much blood flow to his lungs and enlarged his heart.

The surgery was successful and Ivan was able to walk and eat the same day. He returned home the following morning.

Still a Buckeye fan, of course.