The biggest news in college football at this point continues to be Ohio State’s COVID situation.

The Buckeyes have seemingly dealt with players going in and out of COVID protocol all season. As we inch closer to the national championship game, there continues to be questions about whether the game will have to be moved due to Ohio State’s COVID cases.

Though we don’t know the answer to how things are going inside the Buckeye program, Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith did speak with Ralph D. Russo of the AP. Though it seems like he spoke in quite vague terms, he hinted that his team will be good to go for Monday’s title game against Alabama.

Ohio State has probably been the team most in the center of COVID conversation this season. The Buckeyes played just five regular season games but was still allowed to compete in the B1G title game. Then, many questioned whether Ohio State belonged in the playoff despite playing six games.

Now, the question becomes whether the Buckeyes can stay healthy enough to take on the Crimson Tide. The committee has been open to pushing the game back. But as we get closer and closer to game day, that seems like it would be harder and harder to do.

The national title game is currently scheduled for Monday, Jan. 11.