For Ohio State, things could not have gone much better to open the 2020 season. The Buckeyes controlled the game in all three phases and cruised to a 45-14 win against Nebraska.

Following that strong performance, Ohio State announced its most valuable players for offense, defense, and special teams.

On offense, the choice seemed simple. It had to be Justin Fields. He finished the game with more touchdowns than incompletions. His total numbers tell the story as he went 20-for-21 for 276 yards and two touchdowns. He also scored once on the ground and finished with 54 rushing yards on 15 attempts.

Defensively, Haskell Garrett earned the nod. He helped slow the Husker offense with two tackles, a sack, and a pair of quarterback hurries. It’s a miracle of sorts that Garrett is even on the field after being shot in the face just eight weeks ago.

In this game, the special teams players were pretty ordinary. Nothing too wild or crazy with Ohio State making just one field goal. The team ended up giving the nod to Chris Booker.

Though Booker did not have much of a stat line, the fact he made an impact with such limited football experience is impressive and makes him worthy of the honor.

While offensive MVP is a nice feather in his cap, it’s likely Fields has his sight set on bigger awards such as a national championship or Heisman trophy. Garrett also has his eyes on a bigger prize as he came in as the highest-rated returning defensive tackle in the Big Ten by Pro Football Focus.