Ohio State currently leads ESPN’s FPI rankings, and the Buckeyes are reaching a level that has rarely been achieved on the system.

Following Ohio State’s dominant performance over Wisconsin, Ryan Day’s squad is up to an FPI score of 33.6. That is tops in the nation and leads No. 2 Alabama by 3.3 points. They are currently the only two teams over 30 points on the system.

Not only is Ohio State’s current FPI mark the best in the country, but it is also historically significant. According to ESPN’s Brad Edwards, only three other teams have hit that point total in the past 15 seasons. Those teams? Texas in 2005, USC in 2005, and Florida State in 2013.

What do those teams have in common? Each one of them made it to a National Championship Game. Texas took down USC in an epic game following the 2005 season while Florida State won the title by beating Auburn in 2013.

Obviously the FPI does have its flaws as any ranking system does. However, it is definitely worth noting when a team approaches numbers similar to the three teams listed above. Each one was great in its own right and played for a national title.

Can Ohio State follow in their footsteps?