Ohio State is using whatever motivation tactic possible to add some juice to spring workouts.

The Buckeyes held a Harley Davidson workout last week in which, you guessed it, Harley Davidson was the theme.

But there was a little something extra in the video the Buckeyes released. Apparently the workout consisted of beating up on dummies with Michigan and Michigan State logos.

Ohio State has won 12 of its last 13 games against Michigan, including the thrilling regular-season finale in 2016. Still, the rivalry speaks for itself.

As for the Michigan State motivation, the Buckeyes did have one of the nation’s best head-to-head rivalries with the Spartans over the last five years.

There wasn’t a Penn State dummy shown, but after the Lions won the head-to-head matchup and claimed the B1G title, that might be a worthy investment if it hasn’t been made yet.