Despite COVID-19 issues throughout the week, Ohio State is traveling to Miami as originally planned for Monday’s National Championship game against Alabama.

Dan Hope of Eleven Warriors confirmed as such in his story as the Buckeyes are slated to arrive in Miami on Saturday for the game. Alabama will be arriving at some point on Friday.

There were also rumors that the game could be postponed due to the issues with COVID-19 in the Buckeyes program but those were all put to bed earlier on Friday by Bill Hancock.

He spoke to Heather Dinich of ESPN for a story and said:

As I have said all week, the game is on,” College Football Playoff executive director Bill Hancock said Friday. “Nothing has changed. Alabama’s team will be traveling to Miami tonight, and Ohio State’s guys will be arriving tomorrow. We are looking forward to a great night for college football.”

Kickoff will be at 8 p.m. ET on Monday night and it’ll be televised by ESPN.