The term “DB U” just looks and sounds sweet.

Defensive backs are fun to watch. They’re athletic play-makers who make like difficult for wide receivers, who are deemed as divas. It’s a fun time watching a high-profile CB defend a star WR.

Not too long ago, Miami was the school that seemed to push defensive backs to the NFL as if it was the program’s job. But in recent history, Miami hasn’t exactly been “DB U.”

That’s Ohio State.

According to data collected by the NFL after Week 1, the Buckeyes have the most defensive backs playing at the highest level with 10.

A lot of different tactics are used in recruiting. And to be able to throw out a statistic like that may mean something to a teenager looking to make it in the NFL.

Ohio State is the king of DBs now, and altogether, the Buckeyes rank fourth in overall players in the league (36).

Note: The case could be made for centers as well, as Ohio State is tied in first with Florida and Missouri with 3 apiece.