Not all is fun and games.

Going to work, sometimes, isn’t fun. Doing a chore isn’t necessarily fun. That’s just life.

But you also have to appreciate the good times when they are there. For No. 10 Ohio State, the Buckeyes are still in control of their own destiny in terms of winning a Big Ten Championship.

Whether that means they get into the College Football Playoff or not, who knows? But for now, Ohio State is 8-1 overall. The Buckeyes had a disastrous 49-20 loss to Purdue two games ago, but defeated Nebraska 36-31 in their last contest.

During practice this week, Ohio State is preparing for No. 18 Michigan State on Saturday. What have the Buckeyes been working on?

One thing would be having fun:

Defensive tackle Davon Hamilton said after practice Wednesday: “I feel like during practice, we’re having more fun. That’s what I feel like was missing a little bit. A lot of the time, there’s a lot of hurry, going, going, going, but we never really get to celebrate when we do good. But nowadays, over this last week and even throughout the bye week, we’re practiced on just having fun.”

Maybe fun is the answer for Ohio State.

Whatever works to help get wins.

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