While the nation awaits resolution of the CFP field, Ohio State fans need something to keep them occupied. How about a little early hot stove league talk?

Specifically, where will the 11-1 Buckeyes consider a transfer portal addition or three for the 2023 season? Admittedly, we’re not at all sure who might leave Columbus, which could have a significant bearing on the status of any portal additions. For that matter, OSU has used the portal sparingly, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to speculate on some spots where the Buckeyes might go plug-and-play. Here are 5 such spots:


Noah Ruggles is on his 5th year, and the near automatic kicker (35-for-38 on field goals at OSU) has to be replaced. While Jake Seibert could certainly do the job, Ohio State might opt for a veteran kicking leg just for competition’s sake. After all, OSU missed more field goals the year before Ruggles arrived as a grad transfer than they have in his 2 seasons in Columbus.


This isn’t a shot against the current players, who are numerous and talented. But with Paris Johnson likely gone to the NFL and Dawand Jones being a senior, the Buckeyes might look at another tackle to add to the mix. Matt Jones is also a 5th-year guy, so OSU can’t follow the playbook of switching an inside guy to the outside.


CJ Stroud is all but guaranteed to be NFL-bound, and while Kyle McCord has taken a few snaps behind him, Ohio State could certainly avail itself of some depth at the position — or just elect to plug and play a veteran starter from another school. This is just a thought, but imagine if Cade McNamara came running out of the tunnel at Ann Arbor next season … as the quarterback of the Buckeyes. Sure, McCord is a steady, experienced hand, and Devin Brown could be the answer. But a veteran guy — particularly the right veteran guy — could be irresistible.


At the moment, Tommy Eichenberg and Steele Chambers could both be back … but either or both could be NFL-bound. A season ago, Ohio State was uncertain at linebacker, but that duo locked down the spots … which could mean an experienced guy could help either to shore up the youngster behind Eichenberg and/or Chambers or could steal that starting spot. Tanner McCalister was a great add to the secondary for OSU, and a veteran linebacker could be another one.

Corner/nickel back

Along the same lines, OSU stands to lose McCalister and and Cam Brown. Ohio State never lacks for athletic types with coverage skills, but there’s a possibility of electing to add some experienced depth to the mix in the OSU secondary. If the right fit is out there, Ohio State wouldn’t mind some help on the edge, where Michigan exploited it with big play after big play last week.