Ohio State football’s mascot just became real-life. A Buckeye fan posted a tweet of what Brutus would look like if he were human, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

Most people who saw the post immediately wished they hadn’t. The world isn’t ready for a human Brutus quite yet, or ever for that matter.

Brutus has been Ohio State’s mascot since 1965. The only people who might not be appalled by this creation of modern technology are Ohio State fans, and that might be a stretch. The entire outfit matches what Brutus usually wears, but he has a human face with 2 O-shaped dots on his face.

Maybe this is just what Ohio State needs to show its football team if the offense struggles like it did against Notre Dame.

This should be motivation enough to play well against Arkansas State and Toledo in the next couple of games. It’s unsure as to how anyone will be able to recover from seeing this.

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