A lot of football teams in both college and the NFL will be finding ways to help out those in need this holiday season, including Ohio State.

The Buckeyes partnered with Townhall, which is a 100 % Non-GMO restaurant with 2 locations in Ohio. They helped out in the Columbus location, but there is also another one in Cleveland as well. For the 9th year, all donations will be going to the St. Augustine Hunger Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Many videos were taken of the players helping as well as some funny exchanges per Nathan Baird of Cleveland.com

However, it wouldn’t be a normal day in Columbus without people asking the team about ‘The Game’. Freshmen C.J. Stroud and TreVeyon Henderson couldn’t avoid being asked it what it will be like to play in their first matchup with Michigan per Eleven Warriors’ Dan Hope.

Cornerbacks Denzel Burke and Ryan Watts also came out to help at the event according to Baird as well.

Bobby George owns the restaurant and is planning on matching all of the donations that are received by Townhall.

Here’s a link to a Twitter post made by Townhall with a link to the GoFundMe page: