Another week means another big debate of the new College Football Playoff Rankings and the ESPN crew are once again discussing Ohio State and if they deserve to get in.

Right now, the Buckeyes stand at 5-0, needing just one more win to get to the Big Ten Championship game. With their game against Michigan this Saturday canceled, the Big Ten is going to have to likely find them a new opponent to play so that they can qualify.

When debating the case for Ohio State to get into the Playoff, Kirk Herbstreit said that the B1G AD’s have indicated a willingness to move things around in order to get OSU to the B1G Championship at 5-0:

“The question I have is if they don’t get a game, and they’re sitting there (at 5-0), the AD’s have made it very clear they’re willing to reevaluate how many games you have to play to qualify for the B1G CHampionship,” explained Herbstreit. “If they take that away and say it’s 5, and that would open up for Ohio State to get to Indianapolis. If they were to win that game and finish 6-0 and be a B1G champ, it would be interesting to see if that would be enough for the committee to put them in at six games.”

Joey Galloway followed that up with his thoughts, and he doesn’t see a 6-0 B1G Champion OSU getting left out:

“I can’t imagine that would not be enough,” said Galloway before explaining that Texas A&M’s cancellation this weekend actually bodes well for Ohio State. With A&M at No. 5, an impressive performance with Ohio State idle could bump the Aggies, but they will not get that opportunity.

Jesse Palmer then chimed in with his thoughts and what a potential Champions Weekend matchup against an Iowa team could mean for Ohio State, even if that game is not for the conference title:

“I gotta believe, even if Ohio State doesn’t get a sixth game and get into the B1G Championship. Let’s say they only play five and they get Iowa, a team that the Committee really respects…and they get them in B1G Champions Weekend, and they dominate and blow them out, I think that still makes a very strong case for the Buckeyes getting into the Playoff,” explained Palmer.

Finally, Herbstreit sent a message to Ohio State fans saying that they should be cheering for Alabama to beat Florida, who’s No. 5 in the latest CFP Rankings:

“Ohio State fans should be the biggest Alabama fans going because if Alabama knocks Florida out, Ohio State is in the four,” said Herbstreit. “If Florida beats Alabama, and Clemson beats Notre Dame, Ohio State will be left out. It will be Clemson, Notre Dame, Florida, and Alabama and Ohio State will be out.”

These next couple of weeks are shaping up to be total chaos around college football.