Ohio State OL Avery Henry is coming out of a battle with cancer. Thankfully, Henry announced in May he is cancer free after being diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a bone cancer, in December.

In an interview with 10TV’s Adam King, Henry discussed his mindset and the influence of Ohio State’s “Fight” motto when he received the news of his diagnosis. The young Buckeye said fighting was the only thing on his mind and to keep moving forward.

“The first thing we both said to each other is no matter what it is, we’re gonna keep fighting, we’re gonna keep going,” said Henry. “As a lot of people know, Ohio State does have a saying that’s hashtag Fight. All we know how to do is fight.”

Of course, Henry explained that motto goes deeper than just fighting. It’s also about picking up those around you and doing whatever it takes for your brothers.

“In return, it means all these different things… I fight with my brothers on and off the field every day, but at the same time, at the end of the day, it’s love for one another. We’ll do anything for anybody on the team no matter what it is,” Henry explained. “It helps me incredibly. It gives me the motivation to keep going, to know these people look up to me in a sense and want me to do better.”

While it remains to be seen if Henry will be able to play this season, head coach Ryan Day praised the lineman on social media for his strength and inspiration:

Main image via Adam King (@AdamKing10TV) video on Twitter.