Every good football man knows the offensive center is the smartest man along the line, and sometimes the smartest player on the team. Ohio State’s sophomore snapper Harry Miller seems determined to transform that general truth into a kind of Teddy Roosevelt meets sea captain archetype.

According to Collin Hass-Hill of Eleven Warriors, a Buckeyes news website, Hill is quoted claiming he wants to be sponsored as a player by Half Price Books, the largest family owned retailer of new and used books in the United States, according to the house’s own promotional material.

After his playing career has ended, Miller expressed a vision that entails him owning a bookstore of his own and sailing across the Atlantic ocean like a latter-day Jack London. Books and adventuring appear to comprise the bulk of Miller’s vision after his time in Columbus has passed.

If the NCAA, the sport’s governing body, allows players to profit from their own image and likeness while playing in college (a cause espoused for decades by player’s advocates and former players), Miller knows the shop he wants to petition. If he becomes All-American he may do more for literacy in this country than Hooked on Phonics ever did.

If he goes on to become a true sailing man it might be interesting to learn which tomes he’ll pack for the weeks-long voyage over the North Atlantic. 

The Renaissance Man Adventurer Miller and his third-ranked Ohio State team plays at home this Saturday against 1-1 Rutgers University. If the game turns out to be the blowout many are predicting, Miller may have time for a book and some chart mapping on the sidelines during the second half.