The parents of Ohio State football players voiced their frustration with the B1G’s decision to call off the fall football season on Tuesday. Some went on record with ESPN’s Heather Dinich to express their disappointment.

Parents of Ohio State players voiced support in an open letter for the fall season to move forward. They believed Ohio State was doing more than enough to keep their student-athletes safe since returning back to campus and believe it was too soon to pull the plug on the season.

“It’s unacceptable,” Corey Teague, father of Ohio State running back Master Teague, told ESPN. “It’s something that needs more explanation because when you go in a certain direction and days later it changes, and no one has spoken to anyone else, and players weren’t able to be involved in this decision, and the protocols that were put in by Ohio State we very successful. It’s unfortunate and I don’t know if it’s shortsightedness there, lack of leadership, but it’s definitely something that needs to be rectified and more dialogue needs to happen. It’s just a very messy situation, and we want to clean it up.”

Kristina Miller, the mother of offensive lineman Harry Miller, penned a letter to commissioner Kevin Warren regarding the decision.

“There’s been no communication, no transparency, nothing to say what has changed in the last five days that we give you your schedule and we cancel the season within five days,” Miller said. “There’s been nothing.”

Ohio State parents aren’t alone. On Friday, the parents of Iowa football players released a letter of their own, hand delivering it to the B1G office in Chicago.

In that letter, Iowa parents said the “lack of communication and leadership,” from Warren and the B1G presidents is “offensive.”