Guys want to play football this year, that’s not really a question. Whether or not they believe they feel safe doing so is a completely different question as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rip through the country.

At Ohio State, players like Justin Fields, Wyatt Davis and Josh Myers all believe that it’s safe enough to play this season. And when they’re on campus, they believe proper measures are in place to ensure their health and well-being.

Buckeye team captains were asked about playing through a pandemic on Tuesday, meeting with the media. While there are some additional sacrifices this fall, there’s a strong sense that Ohio State players want to be on the field this year.

“My level of comfort in our safety is really high,” Myers said, per Dan Hope of Eleven Warriors. “There’s nothing more our coaches and staff can do to keep us safe.

“I personally am confident that we’re going to have a season.”

Fields echoed a similar sentiment.

“All of our players feel safe at Ohio State,” Fields said.

Davis said that players are being tested twice per week and that even his parents feel comfortable with the season moving forward. The biggest concern is ensuring that other schools in the B1G are taking similar steps to ensure the health and safety of student-athletes on campus.

No concrete decisions have been made about football in the B1G just yet. While the league has said there was a chance the schedule would be released early this week, no set start times and no word on training camp has been confirmed.

Everything is fluid, and there are still plenty of unanswered questions. But Ohio State’s players are prepared to play this season.