What’s the greatest rivalry in all of sports?

Yankees-Red Sox? Duke-North Carolina? Ohio State-Michigan?

They’re all incredibly well-known. And in college football circles, most will point to the hatred between the Buckeyes and Wolverines as being the biggest rivalry.

Again, most people already know the hatred there. But, how big is the rivalry really?

New Ohio State QB Justin Fields — who transferred this offseason from Georgia — hasn’t faced Michigan yet. He hasn’t even gone through a spring game yet. But on Wednesday, Fields was asked about what he knew about the rivalry and he expanded on the topic, talking about how massive the game is each year:

Fields was somewhat chuckling about it all, but when he said that “it’s definitely way bigger than I thought it would be”, that’s pretty telling. Michigan hasn’t beaten Ohio State recently and Jim Harbaugh has even been asked if the game against the Buckeyes means more than other games.

Former Wolverines are wondering that at this point. If you’re on the Buckeyes’ side of things, however, it seems obvious — through Fields — that the game between the maize and blue is the top priority for every player at Ohio State.

It’s not even a question.

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