Justin Fields has been a college starting quarterback for all of two games, but he’s already shown some tremendous leadership on the field. He’s also already a great quote for a media story.

Against Cincinnati on Saturday, Fields broke up some trash talking between the two teams. That’s what leaders do. Fields then explained during a press conference Tuesday the real reason he broke up trash talking.

“There’s no reason to talk trash to a team you’re blowing out,” he said.

It probably wasn’t meant to mean anything other than just an honest answer to a question, but any Cincinnati fan hearing that comment might consider it a little bit of a jab.

No harm, no foul, though, because that’s all part of college football. If one doesn’t want to be reminded about a blowout loss, then improve in the game.

Regardless of how one may read Fields’ answer, he probably doesn’t care. He doesn’t seem to care about his stats either, as he also said Tuesday he’s ‘focused on wins’ with the Buckeyes.

Fields is 2-for-2 in the victory department through two weeks of 2019.