Game. Set. Hype Video.

It has yet to be determined if No. 3 Ohio State will win on Monday night against No. 1 Alabama in the College Football Playoff Championship. What is already settled, however, is that the Buckeyes are now in total hype video domination.

How did they do it? With cutting edge videography, a staple of Ohio State’s production qualities in recent years. But they upped it this time, with narration done by LeBron James and John Legend.

And truthfully, the narration just puts it over the top, adding an almost magisterial air to a video that, without the volume on, is still pretty exciting.  Those grainy highlights from years past are always a winner.

Telling the story of a most unusual season is just a little over two minutes isn’t an easy task. But Ohio State proved once again why they are one of the best in the nation at this type of a thing. The season’s ups and downs are chronicled in this well-done video.

Since we’re running out of superlatives, we’ll just stop right here. This video is good.

Even if you aren’t a Buckeyes fan. Still. Watch. It.

Last week, Ohio State upset No. 2 Clemson 42-28 to advance to the championship. Quarterback Justin Fields threw six touchdown passes in the win.