Ohio State vs. Notre Dame has been a tight, back-and-forth affair throughout the first half. At the break, the Buckeyes are the only team to break through with a field goal to enter the break at 3-0.

On the field, the two offenses have produced some productive drives in terms of yardage but have not come away with a touchdown yet. The teams have combined for 3 punts, 2 turnovers on downs and a missed field goal for the Irish.

Unfortunately, one of the storylines in the game has been a poor performance from officiating. That performance includes multiple catches/non-catches incorrectly ruled on the field and getting overturned via replay, a flag for a questionable late hit against the Buckeyes getting picked up and other miscues.

On one particular play, the officials called Notre Dame for defensive holding. However, the officials then referred to that flag as pass interference after a replay review overturned a catch on the field.

Needless to say, it was far from a banner performance regardless of which team you are pulling for, and fans did not appreciate it.