Chris Holtmann has heard just about enough from Maryland head coach Mark Turgeon. After the Terrapins leader talked about Kaleb Wesson again this week, saying the Buckeye big man was allowed to “bully” the Terps on Sunday, the Ohio State head coach is stepping in.

“I continue to take issue with the comments — I have a ton of respect for Mark [Turgeon] and the Maryland program — but I continue to take issue with the way he characterized Kaleb’s play,” Holtmann said. “I think it’s inappropriate. I’ve never seen this much conversation after a loss.

“And I understand there’s probably some maneuvering in terms of the next game they play but no one is scrutinized more, in terms of officiating, than Kaleb Wesson. And he’s had to adjust.”

Turgeon was frustrated with how the game was officiated on Sunday, a game Ohio State won 79-72.

“He was allowed to be the bully offensively today. I mean, he stuck a forearm right into [Jalen Smith’s] chest twice,” Turgeon said after the game. “I guess you’re allowed to do that here in this building. …And if he’s allowed to be the bully, he’s a heck of player.”

Turgeon echoed similar comments earlier this week, and he was still clearly frustrated about the loss and the way Wesson played. But after a few days have gone by, Holtmann is tired of hearing about it.

“I thought those comments afterwards were just, quite honestly, a little bit out of place,” Holtmann said. “We’re certainly moving on, but it was hard to let that one rest.”