Urban Meyer is being linked with one looming vacancy in the NFL, with NFL insiders and analysts split on how it will work out.

In recent days, reports are trending towards Meyer being the choice for when the Jacksonville Jaguars let Doug Marrone go after the season. Meyer, a former head coach at Ohio State and before that at Florida, has been linked to numerous college jobs in recent weeks but this interest from the NFL is interesting, to say the least.

And it seems to be legitimate, given the number of national reporters linking Meyer with the expected soon-to-be-open job in Jacksonville.

Former NFL player Kyle Long, now an analyst with CBS, is on board with the move.

“Urban Meyer is great. I grew up watching dominant teams of his,” Long said on Sunday morning during a segment on ‘That Other Pregame Show’ on CBS Sports Network. “I think he’d be great in the Florida market. We were talking, you know, Trevor Lawrence and this guy down in Florida is going to put butts in seats.”

Not everyone agreed that Meyer would be a “fantastic” hire in the NFL. He is a three-time national champion (twice at Florida) but has never coached in the NFL.

Not even as an assistant. He also comes with some health concerns which led him to leave Florida and then later Ohio State.

“I think he might be a fine hire, a good hire. To me fantastic means top of the chart,” said former Oakland Raiders CEO Amy Trask.

“I’m not there with that hire.”