Ten years ago, Terrelle Pryor was arguably the most sought-after recruit in the country. He had scholarships from every school in the country, and as everyone knows, he picked Ohio State.

But what many forget is that Pryor was also one of the top basketball recruits in the country. The 6-4 recruit was a fourth-team Parade All-American and he even committed to Pitt basketball as a sophomore in high school. At one point, Pryor said that he was rated higher than Klay Thompson.

Pryor said on the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday that he had roughly 110 offers to play college basketball, but he never got the one he wanted from Duke.

That prompted Patrick to ask the obvious question.

“What would’ve happened if Coach (Mike Krzyzewski) offered you a basketball scholarship and allowed you to play a little on the football team? Would you have gone to Duke?”

“There might’ve been a chance actually because (Duke football coach David Cutcliffe) was there. Me and him had a great relationship. He was Peyton Manning’s coach,” Pryor said. “I don’t know. I don’t know. I might have to go back on those words. I don’t know if it would’ve happened.”

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Pryor did say in high school that he thought about trying to play both sports in college. Certainly the talent wasn’t lacking. Whether or not he would’ve had the time to succeed in both is another question.

He also said that even if basketball had promised him a longer career, he still would’ve picked football. Pryor did just sign a one-year deal with the Washington Redskins that could make him up to $8 million and potentially allow him to test the market for a long-term deal in 2017.

Still, who knows what kind of money he could’ve been making had Duke offered him a scholarship and he made it to the NBA.